Organization Overview

The Navigators was established for the purpose of helping people to live out the Gospel as written in the Bible.

It was started in 1933 by Dawson Troutman in United States and now the movement has spread to 104 countries throughout the world. It's impact has been in to over 214 nationalities, 161 languages.

Even though the movement had initially started in the US it quickly crossed borders of nationalities and cultures throughout the world. Many are looking toward Christ and trying to live out the Gospel. In Asia, the movement started in 1949 and now we have 791 staff in Asia which accounts for 19 percent of out total Navigator staff in the world.

In 1951, Roy Robertson and Bob Boardman came to Japan, beginning this movement. We now have staff in 7 major cities ranging from Sendai to Fukuoka on Kyushu Island.

Japan Navigators  
Registered Address:

592-3 Tsuruta Machi, Utsunomiya,

Tochigi 320-0851 Japan
TEL: 028-689-8998

Government Registration:
Registered under Ministry of Education and Science with registration code #7123 April, 1984.  
Toru Ogawa  
National Leadership Team:
Koji Shibusawa, Motomi Majima, Jun Koriyama, Thomas Van Sickel  
Number of Staff:
60 staff in 7 areas (April 2018)